PESHWARI – A place for kormas in the heart of Delhi – C.P., Palika bazar

​PESHWARI is a popular food joint, located inside Palika bazar, Connaught place – an underground market for clothing, electronic items and tatto art. 

Earlier I wrote about AL-ZAIKA (shop no.7) that I visited a few months back, this time I went to PESHWARI that is in the same lane, just ahead with a gap of one shop. 

19 years ago this eatery was started by a man, Naresh Mehra who belonged to Peshwar so the preparation of the korma is inspired from there (as told by them). Now it is run by Mr. Gouri Shanker who used to work with him. 

The man himself in action..

The shop is quite small with hardly place for 2 to 3 people to stand and eat. 
The menu is different everyday of the week, like they serve Chicken korma on Sun, Mon, Thurs, Mutton korma on Wed, Fri, Sat, Palak (spinach) meat is their Sunday speciality and Kathal biryani is served on Tuesday. 

Since it was Monday, they were serving CHICKEN KORMA & MEAT MASALA and I decided to try both, so ordered for half a portion of each with already prepared khamiri & tawe ki roti. 

CHICKEN KORMA (Rs.100/-) was outstandingly prepared where the two chicken pieces were perfectly cooked and the best part gravy was not in the form of paste. It had good graininess hence shows that onions were not overly fried and the flavour of the spices (in-house recipe) made it just another level. Loved it !!

MUTTON MASALA (Rs.140/-) was prepared with onion & tomato based thick gravy with raw spices. Mutton pieces were easily falling off the bone and the masala was spicy & a bit of tangy as well. The masala had a wonderful flavour of garlic, black cardamom, cinnamon & other spices and went pretty well with tawe ki roti. 
In both the preparations onions were sautéed in refined oil but rest of the preparation was in pure desi ghee. 
After having a soul satisfying meal, I am definitely looking forward to try more of their offerings. 

Total bill costed Rs.250/- only

Location : Shop no.S- 5, located inside Palika bazar, Connaught place, New Delhi.

Directions – Enter from Gate no. 7, in front of ‘F’ block, go staright towards shop no. 194 and in front of the shop, there is a small alley or a food street that has a few eateries. In between those 6 or 7 eateries, it is right there. 

Timings : 1 PM to 4 PM, 6 PM to 9 PM


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