SANDWICH  FACTORY at Mayur vihar

SANDWICH FACTORY – This small cafe may look like any other outlet that is serving sandwiches, burgers, pizaas etc.. BUT some twist in the recipe makes this place unique. 

It started two and a half years back as a take away joint and gained popularity amongst locals. They then turned into a small cafe with sitting, around a year back. 

It was my first visit here so went with the suggestions of the manager and tried CHICKEN CREAMY BRUSCHETTA (Rs.99 for a single portion). Fresh & soft garlic loaf was perfectly grilled, layered with in-house made white sauce and topped with some veggies & chicken salami. The white sauce or cream did a fantastic job and gave a new dimension to the regular bruschetta. Loved it !!

Next I ordered regular size of Chicken grilled ITALIAN PANINI (Rs.169/). Panini bread was filled with fresh veggies, marinated chicken mixture & again their in-house made white sauce that was oozing out of the sandwich, spell magic in the taste. The only drawback was the less filling of chicken in it, otherwise it was simply outstanding and was a complete meal in itself. 

I so wanted to try some more dishes but the good sized portions were enough for the day and gave me a reason to visit the eatery soon. 

The guy at the counter told me that the owner has got a secret recipe of white cream from his friend living in some foreign land. 

I just spent Rs.268/- for this delicious meal and this place certainly falls under the must visit list that not only serves good food but is also economical. 

Location : 25A, Pocket B, behind main market, Mayur vihar phase 2, New Delhi (East). 


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