BADKU RAM tandoori meat & daana wala at Paharganj

Taste…. can be found anywhere ! 

One just needs to keep his/her eyes wide open and be experimental enough to try food anywhere, I mean anywhere. 

This tarpaulin covered road side joint has no signboard, no sitting arrangements, just has a tandoor (clay oven) and a wooden table where the ingredients are kept. 

BADKU RAM who is into this business since 1988 and is running this dhaba at this particular place from the past 5 years, sells TANDOORI MEAT,  DAANA,  TANDOORI CHICKEN & FISH (during winters only). 

Unlike others he doesn’t mask the meat with spices & oil in the preparation and still manages to give a perfect taste. In simple words, he serves pure meaty flavour and this is his USP. 

The raw meat is marinated in ginger & garlic water with kacchri powder (cucumis callosus) that works as a natural meat tenderizer and gives it flavour too. 

While grilling it in a tandoor, he also puts a full raw onion on one side of the skewer that he serves with meat after peeling it off. Lemme tell you, the sweetness & smokey flavour of the onion adds more fun to the meat. 

I tried both the mutton & chicken and I would say, it was not so tender, you just need to come out of your comfort zone to chew and you will enjoy the juiciness & flavour of the pure meat sans spices. 

Now comes, one of his specialities – DAANA, where he serves grilled, round shaped, small piece of kaleji (goat’s liver) wrapped in fat meat. Preparing it, is surely an art, where fat play a major role that adds flavour to the kaleji. I tried this kind of unusual preparation for the first time and wholeheartedly loved it. 

Special mention to the Chutney that he serves in salad which is extra ordinary.

He sprinkle his signature masala in the end over grilled meat that gives a light salty touch to the meat. 

He also serves already prepared tandoori roti for people who want roti to accompany tandoori meat. 

One can easily spot a number of cars parked in front of the dhaba where people sit inside, enjoy food while doing car-o-bar during the day time. 

BADKU RAM hails from U.P. but he learned these skills or cooking technique in Delhi only, from late Sh. Lalchand who used to run a road side dhaba at Jhandewalan. 

P.S. – This place is not for people who are hygiene concious but surely for people who loves good meaty food. 

I had 800 gram mutton (Rs.700 per kg.), 500 gram chicken (Rs.400 per kg.), 10 pieces of daana (Rs.15 per piece) and paid Rs.990/- for the whole meaty meal that included 1/2 litre Thums up too. 

Location : While coming from RamaKrishna ashram marg metro station to Paharganj, dhaba is on the left hand side, under a big tree, on the pavement of the road, famous as tandoori meat wala, near shop no.58, Chitra Gupta road, Paharganj, New Delhi

Contact : 9868641491, 9654786590

Timings : from 12.30 to 6 pm


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