Between buns : A cafe with an out of the league menu..

​Between Buns
This new cafe in the town with a catchy name will take you on a ride along the American menu. 

The place has got soothing and pleasant ambiance where one can sit for good hours with friends or family over an array of choices from burgers, sandwiches and more..

Started my meal with the traditional British dish, BANGERS & MASH (Rs.599/+taxes) where the soft pork sausages were served with potato mash and lemon-molasses jus. Liked it !

Next was PASTRAMI CUBANO SANDWICH (Rs.649/+taxes). Quite heavy on the pocket, this pressed sandwich was worth every penny. Stuffed with smoked pork and quality monterey-jack cheese, the sandwich simply won my heart. Must grab a bite before it gets cold otherwise it will loose it’s charm. 

TENDERLOIN & JALAPEÑO BURGER (Rs.449/+taxes), made with soft brioche bun, juicy meat patty & bacon rashers, was good enough to statiate any carnivore’s taste buds. Highly recommended ! 

Tried LAMB BURGER (Rs.449/+taxes) that had grilled lamb patty, oozing cheddar cheese and half fried egg, there was no complaint but somehow the egg yolk empowered the other ingredients so found it just good. 

Also tried PORK BELLY BURGER (Rs.549/+taxes), which I didn’t quite like. There was something wrong with the sauce as it had some tartness in it that was not complementing the pork belly. 

In desserts, loved their deconstructed version of ‘BANOFFEE PIE‘ that hit on the right note. One can easily skip not so crispy CHURROS that they are pairing with unusual combination of orange & mustard sauce. 

They didn’t charge for the desserts as it was on the house for opening week. 

Not to forget that everything from their bakery items to sauces to meat patties, is an in-house preparation. 

For booze lovers…. they shall soon get their liquor licence. 

All in all, had a great time with more ups and few downs. The place is a bit on a higher side but the quality products equalise the situation. 

Average cost for two : Rs.2500/- without drinks 

Location : SDA market, opposite IIT Delhi, South Delhi
Contact : 9811508040


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